Designed for the Journey

Revelation Jewellery offers an exclusive collection of fine and bespoke handmade Christian jewellery.

Each piece has its own design philosophy that is inspired by the bible. Capturing subtly the elements, each piece is hand crafted to symbolically carry meaning.

Creating unique conversations about God through fine handmade Christian jewellery.

Discover the story in each original design.

Go forth with Faith

Revelation Jewellery

Be captivated & inspired

Crafted from the finest materials, each piece is designed to last a lifetime; weathering, aging, maturing with you as you continue to wear it as both a reminder and a testament.


The source of all Creation, we are inspired directly from the Bible. Limitless in its nature, a hand of strength, faith and ideas are united.

Our Mission


The 'behind the scenes' work involve the planning of measurements, to envisage the marriage of materials that will come together.
A symphony of ideas leaping off the page!

Our Creations


We adhere to crafting all our pieces 100% by hand using the finest.
Because just like you and I, we are completely unique, so should the jewellery we wear, which is an extension of our being.

Our Materials